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Photo by Andy Isaacson

Our tepee, ASHNAPO, is a shared sacred space for community gatherings and rituals:
live music & song, chanting, shamanic drumming, and plain old storytelling around the campfire.


The naming of Ashnapo | Place of Possibilities
A Performance of chanting, connecting, gathering, placing, rearranging and mixing 
by Mothership Artists Marita Solberg and Kirsty Whiten
October 28, 2018

“We were invited to create a ceremony for the naming of the teepee at Last Frontier NYC, an artspace-with-an-artspace: Ashnapo, as in the Center of the Medicine Wheel. Our travels and residencies overlapped for two days onboard Mothership NYC, and in that time, the threads of our art practices from Norway and Scotland were woven together for Connecting Potential.

Marita worked with voice and sound, Kirsty with intuitive drawing, both of us responding in the moment to the surrounding energy and meaning. We gathered materials from the area and thought of them as elemental ingredients; water, soil, salt, eggs, leaves, stones, charcoal and spices. These elements were placed, rearranged, changed and mixed as intuition suggested, in a ritual action. We did not draw any part of our action from a specific cultural practice, but rather looked for a universal, natural, instinctive human feeling of ceremony and meaning.” 

January 18, 2017: Edward Sullivan and Andy Isaacson raising our tepee in no time -- thanks, fellows!

"NON GRATA presents: Scandinavian Performance Summer!" by Lína Thoroddsen